Texas Hold'em with ZOMBIES, 2nd edition

Fresh off of a hugely successful Kickstarter, THZ, is ready for purchase. Dare you enter the Underworld Series of Poker?! Get your copy here.

Kickstarter Campaign | 100% Funded

Our Kickstarter is 100% Funded!!! Check out our Kickstarter Campaign for more info! We’re announcing the second edition of our game.

Texas Hold'em with Zombies

Texas Hold'em with Zombies

Texas Hold’em W/ Zombies and the Underworld Series of Poker, is everything that Traditional Texas Hold’em is, only nastier, more cut- throat, and strategic. Players bet their lives on poker cards, some-of-which double as zombies. Better defend yourself, or these zombies will cut into your chip stack faster than an all-you-can-eat brain buffet. Whether they’re handled thru force of might and firepower, cunning traps and armor, or lured against other players, you will need to deal with the undead before they deal with you! If you thought you were good at poker, try this game on for size. It might make you think again. THZ is a highly-addictive strategy card game. We combined poker with classic role-playing elements, like characters, leveling, zombies, monsters, and more!

News, Updates, & Upcoming Events

Curious to know what the team has been up to? Check below to see what upcoming events the THZ crew will be at. Feel free to “Contact Us” or get in touch at our social media (above).

Phoenix Comicon 2018 
Thursday – Saturday | May 24 – 27 2018
Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix AZ 85004


June 23 – 24   2018 
Palm Springs Convention Center



August 10 – 12, 2018 
  Phoenix Convention Center



RinCon www.rincongames.com 
September 28 – 30 2018
Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites



October 12 – 14  2018
Riverbend Event Center

Salt Lake City, Utah



November 2, 3, and 4 2018 
Tucson Convention Center



The Legend

Built around a mysterious meteor crater in the north Arizona Territory, the town of Canyon Diablo is dying to make your acquaintance . Its meteor crater, was first discovered by local natives and thereafter by Coronado’s expedition while in search of El Dorado. Native legend, in speaking of their creation, tell tale of an exodus from a golden city illuminated in lava-glow buried in the earth. Coyotes, evil spirits from the surface, learned of their city and chased the people out through dark caves and into the night. Their ancestors prayed to the Great Spirit for protection and he heard them. Breaking off apiece of the sun, the Great Spirit hurled it at the Coyotes. It struck with great force, in the center of a canyon and sealed the caves. The Sun Stone (our story’s meteor), was said to bring never-ending-life to those that make their home amongst its rich mineral soil. The people of the golden city had a new home. They planted, farmed, and were happy. A great array of exotic creatures and fascinating botany flourished from the effects of their alien ground. Fueled by the rumors of the Sun Stone giving immortality and a buried El Dorado, Coronado and his expedition wasted no time in arriving and enslaving the people. In the eyes of the natives, the Coyotes had returned. It didn’t take Coronado’s expedition long, however, to discover that some legends are best left undiscovered. There was a rebellion and Coronado’s Master of Arms, Don Garcia de Cardenas and a few of his men were buried alive in meteor-soil at the edge of the canyon. It was then that the people learned: When a dark seed is planted, abnormalities of the most undesirable kind spring forth an undead harvest… zombies. Don Garcia and his men dug out of the earth and fed on the others. The spirit of the land changed, now that the dead lived upon it. With the arrival of steam-locomotives, the town of Canyon Diablo was built whilst rails were made to bridge the canyon, right across the scar of this land. Overnight, shops sprung up selling zombie-lures and playing cards, snake-oil elixirs, meteor-powered weapons, and more. If there were a hundred ways to die in the wild west, Diablo claimed ninety-nine of them. Don Garcia and his zombies had welcomed the town. Hedonism ran rampant in the town. In all, there were fourteen saloons, ten poker flats, and a multitude of houses of ill repute. So evil would Canyon Diablo become that time itself became ashamed of it. Time cloaked the town in obscurity, trying to hide its place in history, making it a mystery of meteors and space, much like the Bermuda Triangle. Estranged travellers from every era, are losing themselves to Diablo’s whisky and women, ever-presently becoming denizens of this cursed, zombie-infested, gambling town. Two rival factions fight for control of Canyon Diablo, B. S. Mary and her Kitty Cat Girls and Herman Wolf, the Irishman and owner of the Road to Ruin Saloon. Every year, The Irishman sends out one-of-a-kind invitations to the best poker players in the world, an opportunity to play in a truly unique tournament, The Underworld Series of Poker. The way the locals see it, fame and fortune calls a good competitor, but when a player learns that they may be eaten . . . well . . . that changes up the game. And now it’s your turn to sit in on a game of survival poker, Texas Hold’em W/ ZOMBIES.